How can I uninstall BimlExpress from Visual Studio (SSDT)?


In order to uninstall BimlExpress, open your version of Visual Studio. In the Visual Studio tool bar, click Tools → Extensions and Updates and then find BimlExpress and click 'uninstall'.


If you are uninstalling due to an installation error, and aiming to reinstall, sometimes uninstalling this way is not enough. If you are still having trouble after reinstalling, then we need to try again with a few extra steps.

First uninstall BimlExpress like before. Next, open Regedit (or your favorite registry editing tool). You can find Regedit by simply searching from the search bar on the taskbar, but it is also located at C:\Windows on most machines.




Go to HKEYCURRENTUSEER →SOFTWARE →Varigence →BimlExpress →5.0 and delete the contents of that folder. Now reinstall BimlExpress. Note you will have to reenter your product key because we deleted the registry keys.

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