How to set the FastLoadOptions on an OLEDbDestination

<OleDbDestination ValidateExternalMetadata="false" ConnectionName="Connection_RAPID_Scheduling" Name="OLE DER - SCD Audit on RAPID_DataScheduling">
<ExternalTableOutput Table="dbo.scd_audit"></ExternalTableOutput>

This is a really basic object for Auditing. When executed, amongst everything else, it generates a property called FastLoadOptions

<property dataType="System.String" description="Specifies options to be used with fast load. Applies only if fast load is turned on."

Is there a flag or option I can use to turn off TABLOCK? Check_Constraints should remain on.



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  • Hi Ash, The OleDbDestination node has both a "TableLock" and a "CheckConstraints" attribute that can be set to false. Setting it like so:

    <OleDbDestination Name="dest" ConnectionName="OleDbConnection1" TableLock="false" CheckConstraints="true">

    sets the output to: CHECK_CONSTRAINTS

    <property id="47" name="FastLoadOptions" dataType="System.String" state="default" isArray="false" containsID="false" expressionType="None">CHECK_CONSTRAINTS</property>
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