Posted Tue, 15 Feb 2022 20:56:45 GMT by Marco Kröger
I'm just getting into BIML. And I have an issue about the Usage of an ODBC-Datasource.

In general the generation of the SSIS-Package is working. The Source is a Postgres-Database. I'm using the Postgres psql-odbc-Driver 13.02. The issue is about the automated creation of the column-Metadata in the ODBC-Source. For example: I have a date-column in the Postgres Table. It doesn't matter if if explicitely cast the column to date or let BIML detect the datatype. The Datatype of the "External Column" (Advanced Editor, SSIS, Visual Studio 2019) is "DT_DBDATE". And the Datatype of the same Column in "Output Columns" is "[DT_DBTIMESTAMP]". As you can see these two don't match. And this is also the Warning I get in Visual Studio "Validation warning [...] The external columns for [...] are out of synchronization with the data source columns. The external column "XXX" needs to be updated.". 

So how am I supposed to get in Control of this? How can I manage that the generated SSIS-Package has matching Datatypes in External and Output-Columns. Sure, I could disable validation of Metadata. But this would be like covering the Engine-Warning-Light in your car with a sticker. No real solution.

I have this issue with other datatypes too. The Source-Datatype in Postgres is timestamp. In the OdbcSource it's "DT_DBTIMESTAMP2" for the External Column and "DT_DBTIMESTAMP" in the Output-Column. Also no match which triggers the Visual Studio Warning.

Any advice here would be appreciated.

Posted Wed, 16 Feb 2022 16:44:12 GMT by Marco Kröger
Update: I downloaded BimlStudio and, using the exactly same biml-File the resulting dtsx-Package has correct Metadate for the columns. No Warnings. So here has to be a Difference on the generation of DTSX-Packages between BimlExpress and BimlStudio
Posted Wed, 15 Jun 2022 16:11:29 GMT by Daniel Pepermans
I'm seeing a similar issue. BIDS Helper was creating a DT_DBDATE when the biml specified "Date". In BIML Express the output is a DT_DATE. Any response from Varigence?

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