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<h5>Most Popular Articles</h5>
Resolving MSBUILD Error: File Paths Too Long

Guidance on how to circumvent the MSBUILD error when file paths exceed the character limit

Adding Headers and Body to Web Activities in Azure Data Factory (ADF)

How to populate header and body properties to use a Web Activity to call a REST endpoint from inside of a pipeline in Azure Data Factory

Self-Generating Offline Product Keys

Step-by-step guide for generating offline product keys

Fixing the DTSRuntimeWrap Error

A solution for the DTSRuntimeWrap error

Extracting Metadata to Provide to Support

How to configure and export project metadata to share with Varigence support

Failed to Retrieve Long Data for NTEXT Datatype Column in SSIS Packages

Issue with loading columns that have datatype NTEXT. The error message will typically read "Failed to retrieve long data for column"

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