Posted Fri, 26 Aug 2022 12:43:35 GMT by Alexandra Wharton
This is the BIML generated from an existing package. The custom properties DataType = "System.String" etc. When generating a new SSIS package from this BIML it generates a dataType = "System.System.String" and is unable to load the package. 

The fix is to remove the "System" from the BIML but this is time consuming.

Could the generation of the BIML be fixed? 
<CustomComponent Name="CRM contact 1 Destination" ComponentTypeName="KingswaySoft.IntegrationToolkit.DynamicsCrm.CrmDestinationComponent" Version="4" ContactInfo="KingswaySoft Inc.;;; Copyright (c) 2021 KingswaySoft Inc.">
                <CustomProperty Name="DestinationEntity" DataType="System.String" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Destination entity to write data.">contact</CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="ActionType" DataType="System.Int32" TypeConverter="KingswaySoft.IntegrationToolkit.DynamicsCrm.DestinationActionType" Description="Specifies how data is written to CDS/Dynamics CRM server.">1</CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="RemoveUnresolvableReferences" DataType="System.Boolean" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Specifies whether the values of CDS/CRM lookup fields should be removed if the reference records cannot be found. ">false</CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="EnableSystemDuplicateDetection" DataType="System.Boolean" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Specifies whether duplicate detection should be enabled when creating or updating CDS/CRM records. Duplicate records are determined by the duplicate detection rules and settings defined in CDS or Microsoft Dynamics CRM server.">false</CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="RecordMatchingCriteria" DataType="System.Int32" TypeConverter="KingswaySoft.IntegrationToolkit.Common.DescriptiveEnumTypeConverter`1[[KingswaySoft.IntegrationToolkit.DynamicsCrm.RecordMatchingCriteria" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Specify the matching criteria to be used when performing an update or upsert. ">0</CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="RecordMatchingKeyFields" DataType="System.String" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Specify the key fields to be used to determine the matching records that exist in CDS/CRM for either Upsert/Update action or source duplicate optimization."></CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="IgnoreNullValuedFields" DataType="System.Boolean" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Specifies whether to ignore those NULL-valued fields.">false</CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="IgnoreUnchangedFields" DataType="System.Boolean" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Specifies whether to ignore those fields that have no value changes in the target system. ">false</CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="RemoveInvalidCharacters" DataType="System.Boolean" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Specify whether to remove those invalid characters before writing to CDS/CRM.">false</CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="ChangeFlagFields" DataType="System.String" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Specify the flag field(s) that are used to track the source of changes. The field(s) will not posted to CDS/CRM server unless there are changes to other fields if specified. &quot;Ignore Unchange Fields&quot; option is required in order for the specified flag field(s) to work. "></CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="HandlingOfMultipleMatches" DataType="System.Int32" TypeConverter="KingswaySoft.IntegrationToolkit.Common.DescriptiveEnumTypeConverter`1[[KingswaySoft.IntegrationToolkit.DynamicsCrm.HandlingOfMultipleMatches" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Specifies what action will be taken when multiple matches are found with Upsert action.">0</CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="OptimizationOnSourceDuplicates" DataType="System.Int32" TypeConverter="KingswaySoft.IntegrationToolkit.Common.DescriptiveEnumTypeConverter`1[[KingswaySoft.IntegrationToolkit.DynamicsCrm.OptimizationOnSourceDuplicates" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Specify whether to use optimizations when there are duplicate records form the source system.">0</CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="WorkflowAction" DataType="System.String" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Workflow or action to be executed."></CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="BatchSize" DataType="System.Int32" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Specifies the number of records to be sent to CDS/Dynamics CRM server in each service call.">100</CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="ConcurrentWritingThreadsInTotal" DataType="System.Int32" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Specify the total number or concurrent threads to write to CDS/CRM server simultaneously. ">20</CustomProperty>
                <CustomProperty Name="SendDateTimeInUtcFormat" DataType="System.Boolean" SupportsExpression="true" Description="Specifies whether datetime values should be sent to CDS/CRM server in UTC format.">false</CustomProperty>
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