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Is there any way to NOT store sensitive database connection data (user\password) in BIML scripts?


Thanks in advance.

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Can you elaborate what you mean? 

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I mean storing usernames and passwords to the connections outside of BimlScripts and metadata and not keep them as plain text.

For example when we do not have windows authentication access to the source and\or destination server in generated SSIS package.

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if you're using the old Package Deployment model, you'd just create a .dtsConfig file that contains the property values for your connection manager.  

For new Project deployment model, i think you need to create project properties, set the values for these, and apply them to the connection manager.


Posted Mon, 24 Feb 2020 05:57:33 GMT by other words, if you're working with a SSIS package using Package Deployment model, first set up the package so it uses a .dtsConfig file that contains the username and password for your connection manager. Then, using BIMLExpress, convert your package to BIML. BIMLExpress should create the BIML file with the appropriate info and XML elements for the package to use the .dtsConfig file. When you then regenerate the the package from the BIML file, voila, SSIS will then configure things on whatever is in a given .dtsConfig file.

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