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I'm trying to sort data in descending order but the .dtsx that is output is generated with ascending instead. This is the case with VS2017 and BimlExpress (v1.0 in VS About screen, v5.0.64108.0 in Extensions and Updates screen) . I have tested and the old BIDS Helper has the same bug.

I have tested date, int and string columns.

Would love a fix for this whenever the new version comes out.

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I just found a workaround fortunately... If I don't specify the SortKeyPosition attribute then the descending attribute is present in the dtsx that is output.

However, the metadata of the output has a negative sort key position. This was a problem for the merge I have later in the dataflow. Fortunately in my case the merge merges output from a c# script component where I was able to specify "-2" for the SortKeyPosition.

FYI my data flow looks like:

                                                -> c# "stream aggregate" ->
source -> sort -> multicast <                                                   > merge join
                                                 -> no transforms here     ->

I do this to get a total of all records for an account against each record for the account.

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