When I run my BIML script - it keep's popping up with this error message:
" A password must be specified when ProtectionLevel is set to EncryptSensitiveWithPassword. Specify a password using build settings or the PackagePassword/ProjectPassword property"

First I set the the Password like this 
Debug -> Properties -> ProtectionLevel = EncryptSensitiveWithPassword

Then I ran my Bimlcode.
I always use the same code - so why it dosen't work now is beyond me.

        <Package Name="SEQ Create Staging" ConstraintMode="Parallel" ProtectionLevel="EncryptSensitiveWithPassword">
                <Container Name=" Stg Container">
                        <# foreach (var table in RootNode.Tables.Where(c => c.GetTag("Type") == "stg")) {#>
                            <ExecuteSQL Name="SQl Create <#=table.Name#>" ConnectionName="<#=stgConnectionName#>">
                                <DirectInput><#=table.GetTableSql().Replace("[" + table.SchemaName + "].[", "[" + stgSchema + "].[")#></DirectInput>
                        <# } #>