Posted Fri, 10 Dec 2021 16:35:50 GMT by Jeffrey Lai
I get a timeout when i generate my ssis package from BimlExpress in Visual Studio.

I found a reference to this compiler option that should fix exactly my issue, however i dont know how to use it from BimlExpress in Visual Studio.

Any help or alternative way to get around this issue

compiler option:

A global setting for the timeout in seconds that should be used when connecting to external data sources to extract external column metadata for SSIS data flows. Specifying zero indicates no timeout. Specifying no value will result in using the time out specified in the connection string (or the default for that database provider).
Posted Sat, 24 Feb 2024 08:11:49 GMT by Oda Yantz

The --ssisExternalColumnsQueryTimeout option you mentioned is related to BimlScript compilation options for BimlFlex, a product from Varigence. However, it seems like you're facing a timeout issue in the context of BimlExpress within Visual Studio.

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