I have a table where I am selecting from a view where only the latest version from an archive table (max(archiveDate)) 
The issue is that BimlFlex will create a RowHash and use that to see if the row has changed or not - this is a table with just over 800k lines and 99% of them do not change on a daily basis. With the current setup the PSA table would be building up quite fast if we were not using a EXCEPT clause in the view where we select everything, except the rows with no changes in the PSA table (excluding the date column). This works, but when there are a large number of rows that are changing (>50.000) the PSA table locks when running the SSIS package as it is both writing to and reading from the PSA table (from the view) 

Is there a way to exclude the date column from being used in the RowHash - but still update the current date in the resulting table in the datavault_staging database?