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Can you please assist as I am unable to build my SSIS project due to the following error:

error: MSB4019: The imported project "c:\Program Files (x86)\Varigence\BimlFlex\5.0\Varigence.Biml.targets" was not found

Confirm that the path in the <import> declaration is correct, and that the file exists on disk

I have checked and can confirm the file does exist on disk. I was unable to paste or insert the full error output into this form, but can email if you provide me with an email address.

The following are some further information on my work environment:

Windows 7, .Net 4.0, Visual Studio (SSDT) Version 15.9 (2017)

BimlStudio 2018

Biml Engine: 32 bit BimlFlex 5.0

Build Engine: 32 bit MSBuild v4.0.30319


Could you please advice what is the best way to diagnose this issue ?

Many Thanks



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Are you able to update to the latest version? Feel free to email the full output to

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