Posted Tue, 11 Sep 2018 22:23:29 GMT by
I'm trying to find some good direction on the following: I'm creating a dynamic BIML process that will generate multiple packages within a solution. There is a dataflow task that will move data from a source to a database. I'm trying to build this where each package will have a different file, and possibly different configuration for the file, delimted vs fixed, etc. It looks like I can only define the connections under the BIML root?? This works for project level connections, however if I generate 10 packages, then they will all have 10 file connections. Am I not able to create a package level file connection within the Package tags? I know there is connections, but it will only let me reference a connection already defined at the higher level? The same goes with defining the format and fields, I can only find examples where the format is defined outside of the package tags? Any direction or example references would be greatly appreciated.
Posted Sat, 10 Nov 2018 01:23:28 GMT by jacob alley
SELECT 1 AS Foo If you try the package above, you will see that 0 conn mgr files get generated, and the only connection manager that is getting generated is the one referenced by the package, and that gets generated inside of the code for the dtsx, the place that all package level connection managers reside.

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