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Hi, my source is ODBC connection and I am using DirectInput for definition of the source table.

<OdbcSource Name="ODBC Source" Connection="conn_02_SOURCE" ValidateExternalMetadata="true">
<DirectInput>SELECT * FROM dwh.ACCOUNT</DirectInput>

After generating SSIS problems with different column length occured.

Validation error. Load data from source to target ODBC Source [2]: The ODBC Source.Outputs[Error].Columns[ACCOUNT_NO] on the error output has properties that do not match the properties of its corresponding data source column.

e.g. column ACCOUNT_NO is VARCHAR(100) in the source database

in generated SSIS is this same column VARCHAR(100) in Output/External Columns but VARCHAR(150) in Output/Outputs Columns as well as in Error/Outputs Columns.

The only workaround is to open the SSIS package, then open ODBC Source container and then remove and add all columns. After that column ACCOUNT_NO has this same length (varchar(100)) on all three places in SSIS package.

What I am doing wrong?

Posted Sat, 11 May 2019 03:49:38 GMT by jacob alley

Unfortunately there are some lingering datatype mapping issues with some connectors, however if you would be able to help us out, we can get it fixed for you. Once you have generated a package with BimlStudio, create a copy and name it "before.dtsx". And then open the original in Visual Studio and fix the mappings with the editor. Now create a copy of the "fixed" dtsx file and title it "after.dtsx" and then zip up both copies and send them to us at Let us know if you have any questions.

Posted Fri, 19 Mar 2021 12:30:09 GMT by

Is there any work around it? I can't open over 200 sources and refresh their output and inputs. It basically makes using BIML pointless if I have to open every component after every change in my BIML script. 

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