BimlStudio, the integrated development environment for Biml, requires an active subscription or perpetual license key, but a free trial can be downloaded here.

Installing for Current User

After downloading the BimlStudio installation file, navigate to the location where the file was saved. Double-click on the installation file ending in ".exe." The BimlStudio EULA dialogue box will appear, prompting user agreement of the terms or cancellation of the installation process. On the next screen, users will be able to request a trial product key by entering limited personal information, or enter a product key, if already in possession of one.  

BimlStudio is available in two bitness flavors, 32 and 64 bit, and the next installation screen will ask users to select which versions to install. It is recommended that both versions be installed. 

Click "Next." The following screen will confirm which versions of BimlStudio are to be installed. Click "Update" to begin the installation process. The dialogue box will advise when installation has completed. 

BimlStudio is now installed and ready for use.

*Note: If a product key was not entered during the installation process, BimlStudio will not open. A dialogue box will appear requiring the user to either request a BimlStudio Trial Key, or to input a product key received after purchasing a perpetual license or subscription for BimlStudio from the Varigence Store.