After executing a load, the `[bfx].[ConfigVariable]` table does UPDATE the `[VariableValue]` or `[PreviousValue]` columns.


This issue presents itself when the follow are all true:

  • Parameter is an int or decimal datatype

  • Parameter already has an entry in [bfx].[ConfigVariable]

  • The current [VariableValue] can be evaluated as a date

    • Specifically if ISDATE( [VariableValue] ) = 1 on SQL Server

  • The value being loaded does CAN NOT be evaluated as a date

    • Specifically if ISDATE( [VariableValue] ) = 0 on SQL Server


As of the BimlFlex 2021 release, this issue can be circumvented via manual database update statement.  

DATATYPEOVERRIDE column has been placed in the
`[bfx].[ConfigVariable]` table in the BimlCatalog. If there is an affected Parameter, this value can be manually updated to `intor `decimal` to prevent incorrectly flagging a value as a 'date'.

Additional documentation can be found here: Load Parameters