Varigence enforces a stringent Product Key Disablement Policy to ensure that access to our comprehensive suite of data warehousing and business intelligence software is exclusively available to users maintaining accounts in good standing. This policy is designed to ensure a fair and consistent approach in managing payment timeliness and access to our services.

Policy Overview

The Product Key Disablement Policy applies to all users and parent organizations engaging in transactions with Varigence, irrespective of whether they are software resellers or direct purchasers. Our commitment to delivering equal and impartial service to all our clients is the cornerstone of this policy.

Default Payment Terms

Varigence standard payment terms are Net 30 days. Payment in full is required thirty (30) days after the date of the invoice.

See Varigence’s Purchase Options and Payment Terms policy.


Payment Term Consequences

Failure to fulfill payment in full by the end of the net payment term will result in the withdrawal of access to support services. Accounts not in compliance will be designated as ‘past due’ indicating a limitation on the availability of Varigence’s support services.

In instances where an invoice reaches fourteen (14) days past due, Varigence will initiate the disablement of all subscriptions or licenses linked to the overdue invoice(s). This measure is a direct response to non-payment and will persist until complete payment or adequate proof of payment is received.


Equal Treatment

The Product Key Disablement Policy is uniformly enforced across all user categories, including but not limited to software resellers, direct organization purchasers, and solo developers. This policy is a fundamental part of our operations and is applied consistently, regardless of the method or payment terms of a purchase.


Once payment in full or acceptable proof of payment is received, the disabled keys will be reinstated. Users will regain full access to support, maintenance, and upgrades as per their license agreement.

Users are not able to prorate or recoup costs for the time a product key was disabled due to nonpayment. 



Organizations will be promptly notified upon their invoice entering past due status and a courtesy advisory regarding license disablement at fourteen (14) days past due. Customers will be given ample opportunity to rectify their payment status before any action is taken.

Contact Information

For any queries or concerns regarding this Product Key Disablement Policy, please contact Varigence Sales ( directly.

Our team is committed to offering support and resolving any issues related to this policy.